Vin Diesel decided to go full creepo in a recent interview with YouTube star Carol Moreira. During a discussion about his forthcoming slice of ridiculousness xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Diesel made the interviewer extremely uncomfortable by repeatedly interrupting the chat to pontificate about how "beautiful" and "fucking sexy" she is.

"God you're so beautiful," Diesel said when discussing his breakout role in Saving Private Ryan, as spotted by E! News Thursday. "God she's so beautiful… Am I right or wrong? Look at her. How am I supposed to do this interview? Look at this woman. She's so beautiful. Talk to me, baby. Tell me your story. Let's get out of here. Let's go have lunch."

Though the interview briefly resumed its actual topic of discussion, Diesel later interrupted again with even more creepisms: "I'm anything like you because I love you," Diesel said when asked about his Dungeons & Dragons fandom. "Guys, really? Look how beautiful she is. You guys think this is a joke. How am I supposed to sit over here when I'm looking at such beauty? She's so beautiful. I'm in love. I'm in love with the interviewer!" Diesel then let out a, um, extremely cringeworthy laugh:

At the top of the video, Moreira explained what was going through her head when Diesel started interjecting with these creepisms. "I was not sure what to do," she said. "I just laughed because it was a very delicate situation. I did not like it." Yeah Vin. What the fuck was this shit?