Vin Diesel is serenading me. And I don't mean in a movie or another one of his viral Facebook videos. Vin Diesel is literally sitting next to me, in person, singing along while he blasts Ciara's cover of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" from his iPhone. I'm so flustered that I can barely maintain eye contact. This track plays during the end credits of his new movie, The Last Witch Hunter, which he's here to promote this Saturday afternoon. He's even got a Last Witch Hunter t-shirt on, which barely contains his biceps. 

We're in a suite on the 50th floor of the Four Seasons hotel in New York City, and I've already made a huge embarrassment of myself by tripping over the carpet upon entering the room and accidentally flinging a little bit of spit on him. But Vin doesn't even notice. He's too into the music, grooving out and muttering to himself, "Oh my god this is so dope, such a dope song." It's immediately clear that Vin Diesel is exactly the Vin Diesel that I imagined him to be; I'm not even sure if he's a real human being. "You're my dream best friend!" I blurt out like a dorky kid on the first day of school. "Who me?" he asks, surprised. "Then you're my dream best friend, too!" As if I couldn't be any more embarrassing, I let out a loud squeal. It's impossible not to be starstruck in the presence of Vin Diesel.

At any given time, there are a million things to talk to the actor about—another Fast and Furious movie, his new favorite musical obsession (or an upcoming lip sync video for Facebook), Dungeons and Dragons, you name it. But with Halloween just around the corner, we're here to talk about, The Last Witch Hunter (directed by Breck Eisner), a fantasy action flick in which he plays Kaulder, an immortal warrior who's been keeping the peace between the human world and the witch world for 800 years. He stars alongside Michael Caine, Elijah Wood, and Rose Leslie in this nine-century-spanning tale that has Diesel on a mission to kill the evil queen witch. Ahead of the film's October 23 release I sat down with the star to talk about covens, superpowers, and people's obsession with literally anything he does—which inevitably brought us back to that infamous dad bod controversy.