Tom Hanks, clearly in a neck-and-neck race with Bill Murray to accumulate as many viral moments as possible this year, is back at it again with what just might his Hanks-iest move yet. After a fan sent the Oscar winner a letter about the brilliance of That Thing You Do and asked for a headshot, Hanks quickly responded with this:

Yes, that is indeed a Polaroid of the Hanx man himself and a lengthy note we can safely assume was written on an old school typewriter.

This latest act of Hanksery kicked off when Zena Gopal from Toronto made a bet with friends to see who could cop a celeb's headshot first, the Daily Dot reported Thursday. Just three weeks later, Gopal won the bet. "For the record, I still find myself humming some of the music from That Thing You Do like you," Hanks wrote, telling an obvious truth about how fucking great that movie is. "I was always partial to the songs 'Dance With Me Tonight' and 'Drive Faster.'"

Not familiar? Get familiar:

The last time Tom Hanks was out here being very Tom Hanks, dude crashed a couple's wedding photo shoot in Central Park for a congratulatory selfie:

BRB. Gotta write Tom Hanks a letter about my idea for That Thing You Do 2: Reunion Tour.