Robert Durst has said he was high on meth during interviews for HBO miniseries The Jinx, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing court papers released Friday.

The LA Times obtained a transcript of the interview filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Durst’s admission happened during an interview with Los Angeles prosecutors the day after his March 14, 2015 arrest from the New Orleans jail where he is currently. Durst said he had to be … swooped and speeding during The Jinx interviews.

“I was on meth, I was on meth the whole time,” Durst said. And, when I looked at the little pieces of it, I was going like this and like that. And it was—and it should have been obvious.”

The Jinx followed Durst, a suspect in both his wife’s disappearance and the 2000 death of his friend Susan Berman, and a previous suspect in the death of a neighbor. Durst was arrested in New Orleans in connection with Berman's death, and it was there police found him in possession of a 38-caliber revolver. Durst pled guilty to the weapons charge and is currently serving time for that.

In a court appearance for the Berman murder case last month Durst said, “I did not kill Susan Berman.”

This summer Lifetime announced plans for a TV movie about Durst focusing on his relationship with his wife Kathleen Kathie McCormack, who disappeared in 1982.