With the Ku Klux Klan now planning shit like victory rallies in the name of the President-elect Donald Trump, non-KKK citizens have kicked off a wave of protests. For some, the greatest fear is who the Republican saboteur will choose to join his White House team. For others, Stephen Colbert included, Omarosa's repeated mentions of a growing "list" of enemies is cause for great concern.

"When it comes to filling cabinet positions, Trump has cast a wide net, starting with Donald Trump Jr.," Colbert said during an impassioned monologue on Thursday's Late Show. "Hey Don, if you're trying to tone down the whole dictator thing, maybe don't give a cabinet position to your son, Kim Jong Trump." Colbert then ran down the rumored cabinet appointees, including "angry sack of ricotta cheese" Newt Gingrich and leading lizard person Rudy Giuliani.

"Attention black people," Colbert said, performing a theoretical Giuliani PSA. "Attention black people! Starting Jan. 20, please build an extra 30 minutes into your daily schedule for a nationwide stop-and-frisk." But all jokes aside, the President-elect's rumored batch of creationists and Palin clones are particularly harrowing when paired with that aforementioned rumored enemies list.

"They went from zero to Nixon in no time flat," Colbert said. "That's all worth noting because some people in late-night have said one or two things that were critical of Donald Trump, but look, that was just in the heat of the election, right?" Colbert then showed a quick clip of Omarosa doubling down on the idea of a list, prompting Colbert to keep it refreshingly real. "It was Sam Bee and Seth Meyers!" Colbert joked before making concluding that's "what a pussy would say."

Help keep us sane for the next four years, Stephen. We need you.