For Stephen Colbert's final Late Show before Election Day, the CBS team kicked the production up a few notches with some help from former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart. For Colbert, this meant debuting an impassioned musical number aimed at helping a crying audience member make the right decision at the polls on Tuesday.

"Listen, little girl, you don't need to be afraid to vote," Colbert said before launching into a timely banger. "Voting gives a voice, to people one and all. From the richest robber baron, to the lowliest dirt ball. Voting is done in half a flash. It only takes one wrist flick! They always make the process speedy." Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste then interjected to remind Colbert that the process wasn't always so speedy in black districts before Stewart waltzed out for one final Fuckface Von Clownstick bashing.

"Do you remember who is running this year?" Colbert said after Stewart joked that democracy didn't necessarily require participation, prompting a revisit of their instaclassic spit take vibes from earlier this year. "Are you serious?" Stewart said. "That angry, tax-and-draft-dodging little orange groundhog is running for president?"

When the perplexed young voter declared she couldn’t decide who was worse between Clownstick and Hillary Clinton, both Stewart and Colbert responded in unison: "He's worse! He's much worse!" Javier Muñoz of Hamilton fame then dropped in for a "My Shot" reprise informing voters that "history has its eyes on you." Indeed it does.