Late-night television once bowed at the altar of our only true savior, a voice of reason and whimsy. That voice, at the risk of inducing a tearful Tuesday morning, belonged to Stephen Colbert. Colbert, not to be confused with The Late Show's Stephen Colbert, spewed pure truthiness from the Colbert Report throne for years before launching into a lengthy hibernation upon the rise of that aforementioned other Colbert. But the Republican National Convention has a certain way of bringing saviors out of retirement, hence the return of the OG Stephen Colbert.


Once again struggling to make sense of the rise of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, the Late Show host paid a much-hyped visit to the secret cabin of former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart on Monday's show. "I know that you and your beard are very busy these days," Colbert told Stewart. "You will not believe who the nominee is!" Despite an A+ spit take and the raw joy of seeing Colbert and Stewart interact on television again, Stewart couldn't be swayed away from his life of leisure. But not to worry, he did introduce Stephen Colbert to, um, Stephen Colbert:

Our dear old friend then invaded Late Show headquarters to once again fill our spirits with knowledge by way of "The Word," the classic Colbert Report segment we've all been missing. "A lot of folks are wondering how America, god's girlfriend, ended up in a relationship with this guy," Colbert told the audience, showing a photo of Trump. "Well, Daddy's here. I know a lot of you are out on the ledge right now. But when I'm done, I promise, you'll be jumping for joy."

Colbert then broke down the semi-confusing concept of Trumpiness, reminding us all that Colbert Report is indeed dearly missed. Thankfully, Colbert (and the OG Colbert?) is expected to summon the power of Jon Stewart and company for the duration of the Republican National Convention.

Help us, Stephen Colbert. You're our only hope.