This year's presidential election has suffered greatly due to the unfortunate absence of former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart on small screens across the nation. Stewart may no longer be bringing the truth on a nightly basis for Comedy Central, but that doesn't mean he's averse to unloading on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Fuckface Von Clownstick when given a stage and a microphone.

Speaking at the 10th Annual Stand Up for Heroes event Tuesday night, Stewart delivered a 15-minute set taking aim at Clownstick's recent "grab them by the pussy" comment and the GOP nominee's repeated claims of a "rigged" election. "Dude, you live in a tower with your name on it in gold," Stewart said, as quoted by CNN. "How well would you be doing if the man wasn’t keeping you down?"

Stewart then launched into a detailed recollection of Clownstick's bizarre 2013 Twitter attack on him, including anti-Semitic undertones related to his last name.  "Someone comes into my office and says, Donald Trump just tweeted 'I promise you, I'm much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz, I mean Jon Stewart, who by the way is totally overrated,'" Stewart said, laughing. After a few days passed, Clownstick doubled down.

"So I start thinking to myself, oh, I think this guy is trying to let people know I'm a Jew," Stewart continued. "And I think to myself, doesn't my face already do that? Honestly, where have you seen this face other than a poster for Yentl? In what world are people like, 'Stewart, that's a Scottish name, but there's something about that fella that looks a little schmeary.' It would be funny if it wasn't so toxically fucking crude and horrible."

Stewart closed things out on a serious note, urging everyone to "vote wisely" next week.