Imagine how annoying it must be to constantly get bombarded with selfie requests from people you don't even know, people who have no real interest in connecting with you as a human and instead just want you on their respective 'gram for the hashtagged flex. Jerry Seinfeld, for one, isn't having any of that. He reportedly doesn't "do" selfies, not even for people he actually knows.

Jenni Pulos, star of the reality series Flipping Out, reportedly found out about the comedian's selfie aversion when she bumped into the Seinfeld god at a bar during an endorsement meeting with Direct Eats. According to Page Six, Seinfeld walked in during Pulos' meeting and took a seat at a nearby booth. After "onlookers" started joking about her allegedly Elaine-esque appearance by saying that Seinfeld was snubbing his former co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Pulos decided to introduce herself.

"Yeah, I know who you are," Seinfeld reportedly told Pulos, who works with his pal Andy Cohen at Bravo. When Pulos asked for a quick photo together, Seinfeld promptly shut that shit down. "Sorry," Seinfeld reportedly told Pulos in a "very nice, but firm" manner. "I don't do that."

But something Seinfeld does do is return to the cast of his BFF's just-revived HBO series. As reported back in August, Seinfeld is all in on the idea of hopping back into Curb Your Enthusiasm. "Anything with Larry, I'm in," Seinfeld told the Hollywood Reporter of working once again with Larry David, a guy who also probably doesn't "do" selfies. "I talked to him last week, and he says it's going great."