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Curb Your Enthusiasm was finally confirmed for a ninth season in June, meaning nothing else really matters and you should be very skeptical of anyone who believes otherwise. Still, Jerry Seinfeld failed to spend the entirety of his new interview with the Hollywood Reporter discussing his pal Larry David's return to HBO. Instead of a purely Curb-centric discussion, Jerry also opened up about the Seinfeld reunion offers that keep rolling in and his future plans for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

When asked about making another classic cameo on the new batch of Curb episodes, Jerry pretty much said hell yeah to the whole thing. "Anything with Larry, I'm in," Jerry told THR Friday. "I talked to him last week, and he says it's going great." Jerry also noted the show's ravenous fan base that has repeatedly defied the logic of the traditional television industry. "Can you think of another popular show that went away and the came back five years later with the same cast?" Jerry asked.

As for bringing back Seinfeld for some of that reunion action, Jerry isn't so keen on the idea. "But we did have an offer, I won't say who from, to do a new live episode of Seinfeld on TV," he said. When pressed about whether any of the show's main cast even vaguely considered the opportunity, Jerry offered a firm no. But, hey, if you're clamoring for new Seinfeld, you can always just peep this 9/11-themed spec script and let it out play in your head.

For Jerry, the future is all about getting more coffee with more comedians in more cars. "We're talking to television and cable and streaming [outlets,]" he told THR. "There are a variety of forms that this show might take. Nothing is set yet." Dude also floated the idea of a Bee Movie sequel on Twitter recently, which is definitely something I would personally love to see happen, but only if it secures an R rating first: