Disney's Moana starts doing its theatrical thing all across the country today, so you know star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda had to cook up something special to celebrate. But instead of going the usual behind-the-scenes route of "Hey, look at this iPhone footage of us standing near microphones," Johnson and Miranda decided to go full mockumentary and announce their next collaboration, Millennials: The Musical.

"So Lin and I had so much fun making Moana that we decided to produce our own Broadway show," Johnson explains in the just-released making-of documentary mockumentary on Millennials. As Miranda reminds us, these two dudes are very busy in their respective fields. Thankfully, they've got a scientific plan in place to combat that. "We have a team of scientists looking into slowing the rotation of the earth so we can film an extra movie when we're ready," Johnson reveals.

Millennials, at least according to this first look, seeks to challenge the plethora of stereotypes surrounding our generation. Best of all, Johnson notes, the original pitch for the musical was less than 140 characters in length. "You know, there are very few things in this world that are greater than bringing to life the story of a marginalized group of people," Johnson says in the 8-minute clip.

The full version of Millennials: The Musical premieres via Johnson's YouTube channel Nov. 29.