Bless Carrie Fisher. To help a nation mourning the arrival of the KKK-endorsed President-elect, Fisher decided to confirm that she and her Star Wars co-legend Harrison Ford definitely hooked up back in '76. In the days since that revelation, Fisher has expressed shock at fans' reactions while on a promo tour for her book The Princess Diarist alongside the one and only Gary.

Here's a photo of Gary, for those not in the know:

Carrie and Gary stopped by Stephen Colbert's Late Show Monday, explaining that now was as good a time as any to make even more Star Wars revelations. "You know, we had a lot of pranks on the set," Fisher explained. "One time, we cut off Mark Hamill's hand and they decided to keep that in the movie." Speaking of Hamill, Fisher also (jokingly?) revealed that he used to walk around on the OG Star Wars set asking people to "smell his lightsaber" and guess where it had been.

But the biggest and most important of Fisher's other revelations, by far, involves those jovial Ewoks. "You know who had actually the most sex out of the whole cast?" Fisher asked. "The Ewoks. They screwed like rabbits. It's true. Their trailer had to be hosed out twice a day. Disgusting."

Carrie and Gary Fisher definitely deserve their own late-night show. Wanna cancel Fallon and do that instead, NBC?