This coming Sunday, The Simpsons will parody the beloved documentary series Making a Murderer. In the episode, the show-within-a-show The Itchy and Scratchy Show is transformed into Mousetrapping a Murderer, featuring a spot-on spoof of Murderer's opening credits, which you can see above.

This is not the first Simpsons/MaM mashup. Vulture put one together earlier this year, with Homer as the Steven Avery stand-in:

In the non-Simpsons world, the last major development in the Avery case was Wisconsin appealing Brendan Dassey's release. As for The Simpsons, the rest of the episode that features Mousetrapping a Murderer, which is called "Trust But Clarify," will air on Sunday. The series recently aired its 600th episode, which it celebrated by bringing Jimmy Kimmel on a tour of Springfield.

The Simpsons has a long history of parodying television shows. Highlights include that time Homer ended up in the bar from Cheers, Chief Wiggums having a Twin Peaks-style dream, and of course the "Who shot J.R.?" Dallas cliffhanger as enacted by Mr. Burns. And who can ever forget Homer and Marge doing their very own Archie-and-Edith-style duet?

The show also put its spin on a number of classic (and not-so-classic) movies. From Rear Window to Goodfellas to Pulp Fiction to Citizen Kane, a good chunk of cinema has been ripe for mockery during the cartoon's 28 (!) years on the air. But perhaps the most effective of all was the Cape Fear takeoff Cape Feare, starring Sideshow Bob as the villain. That episode is generally considered one of the best in the Simpsons canon, for moments like these: