The Simpsons will hit yet another milestone this Sunday, airing its 600th episode. Yes, 600. There have now been 600 EPISODES of The Simpsons. Amazing. To celebrate this remarkable achievement, esteemed father figure Homer Simpson was kind enough to have Jimmy Kimmel properly animated so the late-night personality and rumored Oscar host could join him on a tour of his family's thrilling hometown, Springfield.

The process of getting Kimmel to Springfield proved surprisingly easy, as all Simpson had to do was simply bang on his TV and jostle it a few times until dude straight up fell out of it with his suit, beard, and general Jimmyness still intact. "Are you with the IRS or Applebee's security?" Simpson asked, before wondering aloud if Kimmel was there to kill him. Amazingly, Simpson was quickly able to turn their unlikely encounter into the perfect opportunity to toss out a Jesus diss.

Kimmel later asked his new friend the one question America has been pondering for nearly three decades: How old is Maggie? "I never ask a lady her age," Simpson explained. Fair enough.

Simpsons showrunner Al Jean spoke with Slash Film in September ahead of the 28th season's premiere, letting fans in on which aspects of the Springfield universe will be explored in the episodes ahead. "We have a show that's a partial flashback where we learn how Homer learned how to eat his feelings," Jean revealed. "It turns into a little bit of the movie Fitzcarraldo where a bunch of fat guys are trying to push a hot dog truck over a hill. It's maybe similar to recent events, Burns starts a for-profit college, Burns University. Instead of getting real teachers, he just makes the power plant workers teach at the school. Those are some of the good ones and we'll probably do another election thing."