For three years and six seasons, MTV's hit reality television show Jersey Shore was must-see TV. Taking a group of mostly-Italian twenty-somethings and dropping them into a house on the Jersey Shore was a recipe for disaster, and a ratings bonanza. The cast hit Barbara Walters' list of "Most Fascinating People" in 2010, and not only spawned two MTV spin-offs (Snooki & J-Woww and The Pauly D Project), but created a formula that spread overseas, with remakes like Geordie Shore in the UK, as well as shows in Russia, Spain, and Poland.

The brilliance of the show was its outrageousness. No show has had an enigma like a Snooki on it, and America had never been able to fall in love with a Pauly D before. Villainous characters like The Situation would ignite the internet, but there was even a chill side to his mania. While there was a host of controversy involving their stay at the Shore (which included Snooki getting assaulted, a moment that made an episode), even the residents couldn't take their eyes of the cast's antics. You might be standing on the opposite side of the "guido"/"guidette" stigma, but you can't front: NO ONE was saying things like "GTL," "smush," or "DTF" until the Shore blew up.

While there hasn't been a shortage of reality shows on television, none of them have done it quite like Jersey Shore, and it might be years before another program reaches the show's heights. The question is, who's the best character on the series? We grabbed a couple pitchers of Ron Ron Juice, turned up some house music, and came up with the definitive ranking of the Jersey Shore cast. Blow your grenade whistle and let's get to it.

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