The latest slice of inspiring documentary filmmaking from E! Entertainment, Rob & Chyna, hasn't wasted a single second of its first few episodes. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian most recently revealed the sex of their baby on a particularly eventful episode, putting an end to months of speculation. This week's slice of Rob & Chyna, it seems, will be more focused on issues of mild awkwardness.

In a fresh teaser clip from this Sunday's episode, ChyRo make the joint decision to hit up Khloé Kardashian's birthday throwdown for some quality fam time. "Everyone's swarming Chyna and I," Rob explained to the camera. "You know, it's all love. I love it. It's all great. But it's just exactly what I did not want. I just feel a lot of eyes are on me and I just wish everything could be just normal and we just focus on Khloé. I'm not about the whole, like, theatrics and stuff."

Then Chyna bumps into Kylie Jenner and Tyga, her former partner in love. "I kinda talked to them for a moment because this is going to be my future sister-in-law," Chyna explained. The encounter was hella calm and civil and whatnot, but some general awkwardness did appear to be strategically bubbling underneath the meeting. Chyna then noticed that Kardashian was off to the side of the room and clearly not feeling the vibes, prompting a quick survey of the situation.

Just a week ago, Rob seemed to suggest that he was pondering moving his growing family the hell out of California entirely. "Just closed the deal on my new house and can't wait to move out of CALI [sic]," Rob said when sharing a photo of a possible New York estate. Hmmm. Rob & Chyna spin-off alert?