The Apple Watch was (briefly) the latest tech phenomenon—that is, until nobody bought them. But poor sales haven't stopped companies from coming up with all sorts of ridiculous accessories for the product. And now, the Germany company Sinn has won the grand prize. 

Mashable spotted Sinn's Dual Strap System. For only $120, you can get a band that allows you to wear your Apple Watch and a regular analog watch at the same time. For an extra $90, they'll even throw in a watch as part of the deal! (Note that the band only fits their watches, so unless you're already a Sinn fan, this is non-negotiable). Watch the video below to see this miracle in action.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the System can also be reconfigured so it only fits the analog watch. "This allows the watches to be worn separately, if necessary," the company generously explains.

The System has been met with mockery even by dedicated Apple users

Shockingly, this is not the only ridiculous watch band available for the Apple Watch. How could we forget the diamond-studded one made of 18K gold that retailed for over $100K? You can check out Apple's own, far more modest, newest set of Apple Watch bands here.