Twitter is not a place that easily forgets the past, and up-and-coming comedian Matt Rife quickly found that out on Saturday night. Rife, who is best known as a Twitter comedian that has appeared on episodes of Wild 'N Out, was exposed on social media after a number of old, offensive tweets resurfaced online. The situation actually started off as a back and forth between Rife and famed Twitter user Brandon Wardell, who helped draw attention to the old tweets. 

The drama then blew up so much so that Rife was trending on Twitter for a good portion of the night. Ironically enough, plenty of people mentioned that Rife getting exposed for the racist and homophobic tweets was the first time they had ever heard of the comedian. Rife has since locked his account on Twitter. Many of the old tweets were deleted by Rife, but a number of them mentioned rape and other offensive topics, such as using the word "Faggot" numerous times.

Rife eventually took to his Snapchat to rant about the situation, though that didn't slow down the roasting in any way. It's unclear what Rife's next move will be, but his career assuredly took a major hit on Saturday night, and for good reason. You can see some of Rife's old tweets and the reaction from the rest of social media below. We'll continue to update this story as more details become available.