The end briefly appeared to be nigh for Inside Amy Schumer. Creator and host Amy Schumer suggested on Twitter Wednesday that the Comedy Central series, which recently wrapped its fourth season, was done for good:

Schumer's tweet arrived in the middle of backlash related to comedian Kurt Metzger, who is listed as a co-writer on several episodes of Inside Amy Schumer. Metzger came under fire this week after seemingly making light of those who choose to report sexual assault, which the A.V. Club reported was in response to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's decision to ban an unknown performer for being an "alleged serial rapist."

Though Schumer's comment clearly suggested that Inside Amy Schumer was done, Comedy Central announced in January that it had renewed the series for a fifth season. "We are so excited to get picked up," Schumer said at the time. "I've gotten picked up many times, but this time feels the best."

Comedy Central did not immediately respond to Complex's request for clarification regarding the show's future.

Schumer, however, later set aside all suspicions by suggesting the show was simply on a bit of a pause while she toured in support of her recently released book, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo:

So, yeah, sounds like Amy might be pulling a Larry David?