Amy Schumer has landed the cover of the July issue of Vogue. Shot by Annie Leibovitz, the same photographer behind her 2016 Pirelli Calendar shoot, the comedian will front the coveted magazine for the first time. In honor of the occasion, Schumer and Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour swapped careers for a day. 

In a video that accompanies the cover story, Schumer takes a stab at running the magazine, while Wintour does her best at stand-up comedy. In the hilarious skit, written by Schumer herself, both head into the challenge thinking it will be an easy one. "There's not much to it really," Wintour tells Schumer.

Schumer quickly learns that isn't true. She struggles to determine what to include in an editorial while masked in Wintour's signature sunglasses. "Is that a shirt? And a skirt? Got it," Schumer says with a puzzled look on her face. 

On the other hand, the Vogue editor has no problem mastering Schumer's day-to-day. Wintour takes the stage at the famed Comedy Cellar where she earns plenty of laughs with her jokes ("Anyone here on a first date? Last date?") and even ends with an impressive mic drop—"Wintour is coming."

Even though Anna Wintour isn't best-known for her sense of humor (quite the opposite, actually), she has proven she can be very funny. The editor appeared on Late Night With Seth Myers and made the host cry in a hilarious sketch from last year.

Watch the Vogue video in full above.