This article was originally published on Complex UK.

Pokemon Go is already changing the way we perceive real life locations, with family homes, police stations and even seedy lakes where dead bodies wash up are being turned into Pokestops and gyms. The game takes points of interests from real world maps and designated them as places to interact with other players.

The latest strange place to be made a Pokestop is now this sex shop on Plymouth, Devon. The amazingly-named ‘Private Shop’ is apparently now getting loads of eager trainers coming in looking for Pokeballs. The Plymouth Herald spoke to a shop employee, who didn’t want to be names, who said:

I have noticed it. There were a few people last week who came in and they were talking about it. They came in and I didn't know what they were talking about, as I'm not really into games.

Here it is on Google Maps:

The shop also confirmed that “no Pokemon-related products were available inside the shop,” which is good to know — according to, all it sells is “a range of adult pornographic videos, DVDs and magazines, as well as sex toys and marital aids”.

So nothing like this is going on then, right?