Wyoming Teen Playing Pokémon Go Discovers a Dead Body in a River

A Wyoming teen in search of Pikachu discovered a dead body in a river while playing the Pokémon Go app.

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Since the official launch of the augmented reality Pokémon Go app earlier this week, basically everyone—not just gaming nerds—has been wandering around outside, eyes glued to their smartphones while searching for new Pokémon to catch. While the groundbreaking augmented reality game urges people to get outside and catch 'em all, it looks like Pokémon aren't the only thing players are finding. A Wyoming teen in search of Pikachu reportedly discovered a dead body in a river while playing the Pokémon Go app. 

New York Daily Newsreports that when Shayla Wiggins found out there was a Pikachu nearby, she took a walk to the nearby Wind River to scope out the situation and discover other Pokémon typically found near water. When she arrived at the river, she reportedly saw something floating in the water. After getting a bit closer, she realized it was a man in jeans and a t-shirt floating face down.

"I cried and started shaking and immediately called 911," Wiggins said. The Fremont County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death, which may have been an accidental drowning. Wiggins has received national attention following her discovery, but she laments that the story has become more about her and not the dead man. "It's heartbreaking that I'm getting famous and he's unknown," she told Daily News.

While some say Pokémon Go is beneficial because it encourages people to explore their surroundings, distracted gamers have already injured themselves and have begun wandering into police stations in search of new virtual Pokémon to capture. After this incident, only time will tell what other strange and millennial-specific situations will arise from the new game. 

Neither Wiggins nor the Fremont County Sheriff's Department immediately responded to Complex's requests for comment. 

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