Sick of hearing about nothing but dudes on the late-night circuit? Good. We are too. That's why we're grateful for the weekly brilliance of Samantha Bee, who's been delivering nothing but truth-infused laughs on TBS's Full Frontal for a solid 6 months now. Though the nation's eye has turned toward the ongoing Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week, Bee made time on Monday's show for some additional Republican National Convention horror. Bee sent the Full Frontal squad to the RNC to confront Republicans about their baffling refusal to accept the very basic concept behind the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a series of confrontations that warranted some sadly predictable responses.

"Just a reminder then," Bee told the audience, "Donald Trump didn't bring the racist potato salad to the GOP's church picnic. I mean, he did, but they were like, 'Oh man! We already have so much potato salad. Have you tried [Rep. Steve King’s]? It's extra bland.'" Bee noted that Republicans gladly cheered the acquittal of one of the officers involved in Freddie Gray's death, yet continue to blame activist groups like #BlackLivesMatter for the nation's "racial divisiveness" issue.

When Bee's Full Frontal squad hit the RNC to ask Republicans about #BlackLivesMatter, they were met with an alarming number of "All lives matter!" interjections and a startling series of admissions that, despite their refusal to acknowledge the movement's core message, they actually knew very little about it.

"I don't think that white people go around and say that 'I love white people,'" one guy in a homemade trucker hat said. Just so we're clear, dude looked like this (see below) and later added that #BlackLivesMatter has "gotta change the name."


"There's just one problem with putting white people in charge of the conversation about race," Bee noted in her reliably great narration. "It seems most white people know fuck-all about the movement they're so upset about."