In the August 2011, violence sparked across London and the UK, following the decision of ‘lawful killing’ in the case of Mark Duggan’s fatal shooting by police. This summer marks the fifth anniversary of the London Riots, but despite a lot of column inches being written about it, we still don’t really have a definitive history of what happened. George Amponsah’s documentary The Hard Stop goes a long way to correcting that. It follows two childhood friends of Duggan, as they deal with the fallout from the inquest and the riots.

After debuting at last year’s London Film Festival, the full release details of the film have been released, alongside the poster and trailer.The film will come out July 15, and we hope it is seen by as many people as possible. Not only that though, The New Black Film Collective are holding a free screening of it next Friday (June 17) in London, and all the details are here

We spoke to director George Amponsah about the film during the London Film Festival, and you can read our in-depth interview here.