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Professor Green isn’t necessarily someone you would have expected to become a presenter of quality documentaries, but the East London rapper’s work on BBC Three has rightly been acclaimed. After his first film Suicide and Me, which dealt with both his father taking his own life and suicide amongst young men in general, he followed it up with Hidden and Homeless, focusing on people living in the streets.

He returns with a new film tonight, and now that BBC Three has moved online he’s made the upgrade to BBC One — though it is already on iPlayer. Dangerous Dogs tackles the problem of pitbulls and other illegal dogs on the UK streets, and why it’s at an all time high. The synopsis reads:

Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, delves into the murky world of illegal dogs to investigate a worrying new trend. In the last decade, 27 people have been killed by dogs and hospitalisations have risen by 76%. But who is to blame? On a journey that takes him across the country, Stephen meets young men whose illegal dogs are trained to attack, the owner of a banned breed whose dog is facing a death sentence, the head of the Met Police Status Dog Unit, and the family of Jade Anderson, a 14-year-old girl killed in a tragic attack.

Stephen asks whether the controversial Dangerous Dogs Act - which is 25 years old this year - is making things better or worse.

Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs is on BBC One tonight, and in on iPlayer now.