If you are what you eat (and you most definitely are), then what can be said of what you watch? An endlessly fascinating map from the TV experts at CableTV aims to offer some insight into that question by proving that the resounding answer is that, if you are what you watch, then an alarming number of states have a big Duck Dynasty problem.

Duck Dynasty, a reality show centered on the infamous Robertson family, is apparently the go-to reality TV show for the majority of people in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Those states' TV-consuming neighbors in Alabama, meanwhile, are still worshipping at the American Idol altar.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians empire, soon to be joined by the just-announced Rob & Chyna spin-off, has California and Arizona thoroughly committed to keeping up with the whole Kardashian fam. As noted by CableTV's experts, California rests comfortably in the top 3 nationally for both median house price and income. In short, they feel like Pablo.

To arrive at these revelatory conclusions, including the fact that peeps in South Dakota are still watching Kate Plus 8 for reasons not entirely clear, CableTV analyzed Google Trends to find the top show for each state. That means we really can't argue with these results, no matter how embarrassing (a Dynasty of ducks!) or awesome (Hoarders got mad love) they might be.

With Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's Rob & Chyna set to debut on E! later this year, will next year's map look drastically different? If the show's producers wisely decide to change the title to ChyRo, then we can definitely assume the answer is a loud and resounding "YES."