The Kardashians may have a (kinda) new Kardashian in the crew very soon, and her name is not Blac Chyna. Though Chyna is currently poised to become Angela Kardashian presumably any day now, fam CEO Kris Jenner may beat her to the punch. Jenner, of course, was known as Kris Kardashian until her marriage to Robert Kardashian ended in 1991.

"I call the manager usually and I say, 'Hey! It's Kris Kardashian,'" Kris told Khloé Kardashian in a deleted Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip when asked about how she calls to get reservations. But Khloé clearly wasn't thrilled by her mother’s offhand remark.

"Your name isn't Kris Kardashian," Khloé said. Kris's chosen reservation name, however, isn't just for scoring a good table. According to Kris herself, plans are in motion to change her name back to Kardashian for good.

"I'm going to change my name back to Kardashian," she revealed, with a shocked Khloé immediately reminding her that she hasn't gone by that name in over two decades. "I was that before you were that!" Kris said. "I was the original Kardashian.​"

What a power move. As true Kardashian-ologists will note, the last time Kris was known as Kris Kardashian she gifted us with this little gem:

The whole Kardashian-Jenner fam remade that 1985 classic to celebrate Kris's 60th birthday last year, meaning we just might get a "I Love My Friends" Part III if Kris really goes through with changing her surname back to Kardashian.