Can you guess which cable news network just hired Willie Robertson, the star of the A&E reality show for beard and hunting enthusiasts (or something), Duck Dynasty? LOL, just kidding, of course you knew it was going to be Fox News, the network that is basically "Donald Trump, turned into a news station."

After coming out of the gate as a smash hit, the ratings for Duck Dynasty have been taking a nosedive for years now, so maybe it makes sense that Robertson is looking ahead to the day when the reality show fades into the sunset, possibly hurried into death by his dad's perceived racist and homophobic comments. And maybe selling the Duck Dynasty rights as a Broadway Las Vegas musical wasn't exactly lucrative enough to retire on. Although it's doubtful he needs the money, he is CEO of a duck call empire (or something), after all. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Willie Robertson will be a contributor to Fox News television programming and will host a weekly, 45-minute podcast on Fox News Radio about "faith and family" where he'll also interview celebrities. Perhaps Fox News was looking for a contributor from a family that fostered a varied and diverse political discourse--the Robertsons have endorsed candidates as wide ranging as Donald Trump to Ted Cruz, after all. Willie Robertson endorses Trump, by the way.

Or maybe Fox News was just looking for a dude to judge women for wearing leggings...