Beastly actor Sylvester Stallone almost exclusively plays the role of the tough and buff guy. He's portrayed super soldier John Rambo in four films, although he officially called it quits after the fourth installment. Perhaps his most iconic role is the inspirational boxing champ Rocky Balboa, which foreshadowed an Oscar nomination for his performance in last year's critically acclaimed CreedThe news that he secured a role as a mob boss in an upcoming TV series, in addition to his possible appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, align perfectly with the formidable roles he's known for playing. Now Stallone is set to add to the lore with his Netflix debut, a global competition series aptly titled Ultimate Beastmaster. 

Ultimate Beastmaster, described as the first global competition of its kind, will include six countries: the United States, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and Japan. In each of the 10 episodes, two competitors from each country will face off as they take on a physically rigorous obstacle course called "The Beast." The winners from each of the first nine episodes, called the "Beastmasters," will compete in the season finale for the title of "Ultimate Beastmaster." 

Stallone is executive producing the series alongside Dave Broome, and he will also appear on the show in some capacity. "The world will watch in awe as amazing competitors from around the globe overcome grueling physical challenges—and in the process become champions and heroes," Stallone told The Hollywood Reporter. "The course is unequaled in its daring creation and I am excited to be a part of it." 

Several hosts for the the grueling competition series have been revealed, including Terry Crews and Charissa Thompson for the U.S., Seo Kyung Suk and Park Kyeong Rim for South Korea, Ines Sainz and Luis Ernesto Franco for Mexico, Anderson Silva and Rafinha Bastos for Brazil, Hans Sarpei and Luke Mockridge for Germany, and Yuji Kondo and Sayaka Akimoto for Japan. The majority of these hosts are famous television personalities in their respective countries and have some sort of fitness background as well. 

Stallone is already an executive producer with Dave Broome on the American NBC competition series Strong, but this upcoming project will have a wider reach as it spans six countries. No word yet on if Stallone will have to do a trial run of the "The Beast," but history dictates he would probably leave the rest in his dust, even if he is now 69 years old.