Franchise contender Sylvester Stallone may be reprising his role as Rocky Balboa for the sequel to one of last year’s best films Creed and gearing up for another testosterone explosion in The Expendables, but Sly is calling it quits with his role as Rambo. Stallone broke the news in an interview with Variety

The 69-year-old star who played super soldier John Rambo over the course of four films, most recently in 2008's fourth installment simply titled Rambo, says he will no longer play the titular character despite previous plans for a Rambo V. "The heart's willing, but the body says, 'Stay home!,'" said Stallone. "It's like fighters that go back for one last round and get clobbered. Leave it to someone else." He explained to Variety further saying he was happy how Rambo IV turned out and how he thought he wouldn't be able to top it so he wasn't even going to try:

"As an action film, I was very satisfied that it dealt with the Burmese situation. It had one foot in a current event, the longest civil war in history, 65 years at that time. It was so brutal, which civil war is, I was shocked they even gave me an R-rating. I didn't want to compromise. I said, 'This is probably going to be the last decent film of this genre that I’m going to do as a solo act.' When that was accomplished, I never felt the same willingness to do it again."

Rambo will live on through a TV series currently in the works said to focus on Rambo's son. Stallone isn't involved in the series but is working on, last we heard, an Expendables TV series.