Not even Honest Trailers are immune from Deadpool’s genre-bending antics. The team behind those comically truthful trailer critiques are back at it, and they brought Ryan Reynolds along for the ride. In the latest trailer, which takes on the R-rated comic book film still out there smashing records, Screen Junkies goes after Deadpool for its formulaic plot featuring Wade Wilson, "a pansexual with a heart of gold" and his fiancé Vanessa, "a hooker escort with a heart of gold."

Reynolds, who officially signed on for Deadpool 2, drops in for more fourth-wall breaking and pop culture references because that Viagra commercial parody for the DVD release just wasn’t enough. As the comedians point out that the film pokes fun at superhero clichés only to follow a pretty standard revenge plot we’ve all seen before, Reynolds reminds everyone that he’s freaking Deadpool and a standardized plot with a not-that-interesting villain doesn’t stop him from being great. Despite those hilarious dish soap memes, you have to admit Francis Ajax was pretty conventional.  

Since the movie hasn’t made enough money yet, Reynolds even found time to once again plug the DVD and Blu-Ray release, which is available in stores now in case you were wondering.

If you’re looking for a trailer with "more d**k jokes than you can shake a sack full of d**ks at," check out the video above.