It looks like the flirtations between Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox are finally over. Word on the street is that the two finally reached a deal, making way for production to begin on that much anticipated Deadpool sequelAccording to Heroic Hollywood, Reynolds’ team went into renegotiation after the Canadian actor only received $2 million upfront. So far, the film has grossed nearly $755 million worldwide.

The vulgar superhero flick has also picked up a number of accolades including highest grossing R-rated movie worldwide, biggest R-rated opening weekend ever, biggest opening for 20th Century Fox and highest grossing February opening weekend. It’s also well on its way to becoming the biggest rated R flick of all time in the United States.

If the deal has, indeed, been closed, filming could be starting as early as this fall. Cable has already been confirmed for the follow up but rumor has it comic book favorite Domino might be joining in on the rated R party.

While you can expect a lot more gore and pop culture references, you definitely won’t be seeing an X-Men cross over any time soon. They’re too busy facing off against Ivan Ooze Apocalypse, anyway.