Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of Captain America: Civil War, appear to be headed in a more whimsical direction with a new Showtime comedy about a pot-dealing family. Civil War, which destroyed the international and domestic box offices, undoubtedly marked an important phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially after critics and audiences generally disliked DC's overly grim Batman v Superman. Civil War leaves plenty to imagine about the future of Marvel's on-screen universe, but its directors have apparently decided to take a break from the action-packed, big-budget approach with the news of their Showtime series. 

The Russo brothers are set to executive produce the Showtime comedy alongside the show's writers, comedian Moshe Kasher and actor Zach Cregger. The president of film and television for the Russo's Getaway Productions will also produce. 

The forthcoming show revolves around a family whose illegal pot enterprise gets a huge overhaul when weed gets legalized in their home state, forcing them to revamp it as a legitimate business. The family's straitlaced and intelligent son, who wasn't involved in the family business when it was illegal, is suddenly forced into a leadership position as he is the only one with any business savvy. 

Although the Russo brothers are currently slated to direct two major superhero flicks—Avengers: Infinity War Part I and II—the Showtime series will see them return to the more playful TV approaches that gained them recognition in the first place. The brothers are known for directing the pilot for the beloved comedy series Arrested Development, and their other credits include comedies Community and Happy Endings. 

The new comedy from the Russo brothers is currently untitled and without a release date.