After a successful stint as co-hosts of MTV's Movie Awards where they got to sing about Leonardo DiCaprio's relationship with a bear, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart may have their next gig lined up. According to reports, these two big showstoppers are being eyed for a remake of Jumanji. Johnson and Hart are already co-starring in the upcoming comedy Central Intelligence, so this gamechanging casting should be no problem for the dynamic duo.

Variety reports Sony is in talks with the actors as they work towards a deal. Their infinitely busy schedules are the main thing being worked around. Up next for The Rock is the Baywatch remake, Fast 8, and season three of his HBO show Ballers. According to Variety, Jumanji would be coordinated so that it'd shoot before Ballers. Hart, who not only calls himself the "hardest working man in show business" but continues to prove it, is so busy with movies (like The Secret Life of Pets) and two planned series on Comedy Central that he will no longer be doing comedy tours. He's set to shoot The Untouchables remake this summer, which presents a problem for Jumanji

Jumanji is the 1995 film starring Robin Williams in one of his most fun roles. It revolves around the titular Jumanji a board game in which Williams' character becomes trapped for 26 years until the dangerous game is played again bringing to life wild animals and one life-threatening hunter.

But who's going to step into Williams' shoes? My money is on The Rock.