If you missed Kevin Hart on his record-setting What Now stand-up comedy tour, you might have missed him for good. Speaking to reporters at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, the comic and movie star said that the massive international tour of 112 cities, billed as the largest comedy tour in history, was the end of road for him. 

Or as Variety quoted him as saying, it was "my last fucking tour."

Hart entered the room with famed ring announcer Michael Buffer introducing him as the "world's undisputed thimble-weight champion of the world" before a screening of a trailer for his new movie, What Now, which documents the stand-up tour, but also reportedly featured scenes of him playing poker with Don Cheadle and parodying Denzel Washington's role in The Equalizer.

And really, who needs the road when you've got two (not one, but two) shows set to debut on Comedy Central at the same time? He's also starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence, hitting theaters on June 17.

A shorter teaser trailer for What Now was released yesterday (below).