In years gone by, we have collectively, as social media users, complained about different types of users. It started with people who incessantly posted pictures of their lunch. Sometimes it was people over-sharing emotional issues, too many baby photos, sub-Tweeters, and more recently, mums posting Minion memes. 

There's also that one person who looks to Tumblr for guidance in their day-to-day lives, and shares that vacuous junk with their friends and family. 

Kyly Clarke (yup, really), wife of cricketer Michael Clarke, has released a book of just that. Literally just Tumblr-style quotes and nothing else. The book puts Kyly-original quotes next to those from philosophers including Reba McEntire and Confucius (yup, really). It's an IRL Tumblr page, repackaged as "a collection of mantras, quotes and wisdom to enhance your mind, body and spirit."

True To You: Thoughts For an Inspiring Life includes Kyly gems like "You can either be happy or right: You choose," and "No one can make you feel anything. Feelings come from thoughts that you conjure up." 

The internet, as usual, has shown no chill with Clarke's book, with one Twitter user photoshopping his own Kyly quotes into True To You. They're unfortunately so close to the real thing that many people can't actually tell they've been faked.