The 2011 garbage festival known to modern society as Green Lantern was, in almost every way possible, a truly awful film. Even Ryan Reynolds, who is currently having a pretty great Monday thanks to Deadpool's weekend reinvention of the R-rated movie model, wholeheartedly agrees with the general awfulness of Green Lantern:

"If you could rate Green Lantern on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best movie and one being the worst, what number would you give it?" asks Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen during the show's typically excruciating "Plead the Fifth" segment. Without any hesitation whatsoever, Reynolds delivers the bad but predictable news.

"I would give it a scant four, maybe," Reynolds offers generously, perhaps briefly unaware of the film in question. However, reality quickly strikes: "One! It's a one!" Just for the sake of research, peep some of Green Lantern below before nodding in agreement with Reynolds' assessment:

Thankfully, Deadpool is faring much better with both audiences and critics alike. The film, which Variety reports is now expected to top $150 million by the end of the Presidents Day extended weekend, shattered box office projections and is currently looking quite nice with a certified fresh rating of 84 percent over at Rotten Tomatoes.