Zac Efron, former professional DJ and star of the forthcoming Oscar bait Dirty Grandpa, managed to procure quite the cosign for his nipples and general chest area earlier this week. After sharing a behind-the-scenes 'gram of Dirty Grandpa, Efron's future Baywatch co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took the opportunity to publicly endorse Efron's so-called "tits."

Wow. Emotional. For what it's worth, Dirty Grandpa practically secures its Oscar chances by bravely being the first film to feature storied comedian Robert De Niro saying the phrase "giant labia." Also, Efron's character apparently gives crack a try because this is obviously a family-friendly Oscar contender.

As previously reported, Efron will join The Rock in a "big, fun and RATED R" take on the lifeguard melodrama known to most as Baywatch.

Peace out, 2015. Next year has an R-rated Baywatch movie and is so much cooler than you.