Chelsea Handler has been using her body to make political statements for quite some time now. She’s been one of many female celebrities to rally against Instagram's nudity guidelines baring her boobs (nipples or no nipples) while taking a possibly diarrhea-inducing bath or while riding a camel. So casual. Handler's newest nude performance art is literally making a political statement as she's nearly naked with a message written on her calling presidential candidate Donald Trump a "butthole." 

Handler, like this construction worker who put a Mexican flag on Trump Tower, is not down with Trump. She proved so with the naked message written on her back and (almost) bare butt Mashable reports. She posted the photo to Twitter, where she can get away with nudity, writing that the message was meant with the "utmost disrespect." "Donald Trump is a butthole," read the huge black letters on her back and butt. 

One look at Handler's tweets shows she's particularly had it in for Trump recently. In fact, she tweeted about burning a Trump effigy as people in Mexico have been doing. 

This has to be the most creative approach at calling Trump for what he really is.  Keep fightin' the good fight, Handler.