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Perhaps there was some serious bedroom celebration going on over the massive box office success of Deadpool recently? And of course, now that we know a Deadpool sequel is definitely coming, Reynolds will definitely be able to support a bigger fam, right? He did reportedly negotiate for wayyy more money.

Blake Lively, actress and wife of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, is confirmed to be pregnant with the couple's second (sure-to-be-preposterously-good-looking) child, according to US magazine. The gossip mag posted a photo of the 28-year-old actress on the set of her upcoming movie The Shallows, covering up what it says is a baby bump.

The couple revealed last February that they had named their first daughter, born in late 2014, James. Reynolds later explained that the girl, despite being a girl, had been named after his father who died from Parkinson's. Reynolds, apparently, is already a pro when it comes to changing giant dirty diapers, so there's that. 

In addition to Deadpool 2, Reynolds has at least four more announced film projects in some stage of development. He also has a role in the Kevin Costner action thriller Criminal, which comes out this week. Reynolds plays a dead CIA agent whose memories are implanted in the mind of an ex-con (Costner).