Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds just had a baby girl (who they gave a boy's name to, but hey, that's cool) in January, and are navigating what it's like to be first-time parents. There are lots of diapers involved. The last time that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was on Live! With Kelly and Michael, co-host Michael Strahan said he smelled like baby powder. Well, things are a little different now, according to Lively, who was on the show today and said that these days her husband mostly smells like poop.

"Now, he just smells like poop," Lively joked today on Michael and Kelly's show. "He's in full diaper duty."

Kelly Ripa asked Lively, who's better at changing diapers? They're both pretty good, said Lively, but Reynolds has a favorite kind of dirty diaper to handle. "He likes the big ones, because they're easier," said Lively, "so her diapers are like, up to her chest."

Funny image, but that is the reality of Ryan Reynolds, you guys. He's big time in the movies, and big time when it comes to diaper duty. Helen Mirren was right