The Super Bowl's main attraction is supposed to be the sometimes good matchup between two teams after a long season right? But for non-sports fans the Super Bowl becomes about it's half-time performance, but even more so about the spectacle that is its commercials. Ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl 50 Hyundai has released a commercial with Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan Reynolds. A whole town of Ryan Reynolds.    

The commercial imagines what a town full of Ryan Reynolds would look like and that town is Ryanville, population: "Yes." Ryan Reynolds plays one unforgiving, smart-mouthed police officer, a construction worker, and a dog walker (or some guy that casually has six dogs) as two women cruise around the neighborhood thirsting over Reynolds’ many clones. The women even spot Reynolds playing, you guessed it, football against himself. "In my face!" Reynolds hilariously yells. All this thirsting distracts the women and they almost run over the Reynolds with the dogs. Sure Reynolds' good looks are distracting, but what about the six gorgeous dogs he's with?! That'd distract me. 

Fans were disappointed the commercial didn't reference Reynolds' Deadpool even a teensy bit, especially with it coming to theaters right around the corner on Feb. 12. A perfect Valentine's Day date flick if there ever was one.

Check out Reynolds sans mask in the commercial above.