Martin Freeman, as FX's near-perfect Fargo series confirmed, is closer than ever to becoming a true god of the game. When Freeman's addition to the already-stacked cast of Captain America: Civil War was first announced back in May of last year, speculative Freeman fans tripped over themselves in an attempt to figure out who exactly Mr. Bilbo Baggins would be portraying in the inevitable blockbuster.

Now, thanks to Empire's generosity, we have our answer:

Freeman, a.k.a. Tim Canterbury, will play crucial Joint Counter Terrorist Centre member Everett Ross. As noted by Empire, this move means we will likely see a greatly expanded incarnation of this role in the forthcoming Black Panther film, though the specifics regarding Freeman's contract have not been revealed.

For those simply not as into Freeman's take on Mr. Ross, the first proper look at the Civil War version of obvious villain Crossbones was also unveiled:

As previously reported, Crossbones will (of course) be played by The Purge: Anarchy star Frank Grillo. "As much as I can give, he's not really happy about being left for dead and what it's done to his body," Grillo said in an interview with KSDK last month, referencing Brock Rumlow’s brutal Winter Soldier treatment. "He's definitely not looking to have tea and coffee with these guys. It's going to be interesting to see what this guy does."

Captain America: Civil War, featuring virtually zero instances of coffee or tea consumption, hits theaters on May 6.