Martin Freeman is known for playing the befuddled straight-man in basically everything from Sherlock, to the British version of The Office to the blockbuster Hobbit Films, but hosting Saturday Night Live gave him a chance to stretch his weird wings a little bit, and probably gave a lot of viewers a chance to get familiar if they weren't already. We even got a little taste of Freeman's Fargo accent in a waterbed commercial

This week's Christmas episode turned out to be one of the best of the season, here's what happened: 

Wedding Objections


Sump'n Claus


Everybody gets something from Sump'n Claus, even if they choked their boss or slashed their boyfriends tires. And we ain't talking 'bout toys, we're talking about crisp, green cash in a white envelope. 

Hobbit Office

Even a hobbit has to get a job after they're done saving Middle-Earth -- you gotta make those Jetta payments somehow. This one's a parody of the British version of the office, but it still hits with those of us who love the American one. 

Black Emojis

Sasheer Zamata makes her most memorable appearance on the show since joining the cast with this amazing breakdown of how to describe the "black experience" through emojis. Spoiler: there are no black emojis. 

Charli XCX

She sang that song that is slowly driving you insane with its refusal to get unstuck from your head.