What better way to celebrate the launch of Street Fighter V than with some friendly competition? Instead of inviting Street Fighter cosplayer Jamie Lee Curtis to the launch at San Francisco, Calif.'s The Foundry, Lupe Fiasco and the world's greatest Street Fighter pro in the history of time went head-to-head. The match's outcome was astonishing, to say the least.

Lupe Fiasco made some time from his busy schedule (which currently has him working on three albums to be released in 2016 alone) to face-off with Daigo "The Beast" Umehara. Late in January Lupe tweeted about wanting to fight Daigo and here we are. Lupe is apparently a huge gaming fan, even donning a custom Metal Gear jacket to the exhibition event, which was live streamed and can be seen in full in the video above. 

Fiasco and Daigo played best out of five in Street Fighter V. Fiasco, playing as Ken, went on to beat Daigo, playing as Ryu, 3 to 2 reports GameSpot.

Lupe tweeted about the shocking win:

He also took a moment to address naysayers who claim the match was rigged:

Daigo also addressed talk of a staged match telling Kotaku:

"Given that Lupe is such a wildly talented artist, it shouldn't be surprising that he came to play against me last night. I would like to congratulate him on his victory last night, but let's say that you can eagerly await a rematch. The crowd warmly welcomed us and was so excited. I thought it was a great run. Lupe gifted me his own "Metal Gear" jacket (which I wore at the autograph session latter). I believe it was because he thought we had good matches too!"

Street Fighter V hit stores February 16 for PS4 and PC.