With his growing list of acting credits, it's kind of insane for people to only associate Hannibal Buress as being the guy who got the world re-interested in these Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations. Dude's been everywhere, from Broad City to the upcoming Secret Life of Pets film. During a recent appearance on Sway in the MorningEric Andre made sure he pointed out that the entire joke was how a Google search of Hannibal's career pulls up fewer results than searching for Bill Cosby's assault charges.

Why bring all of this up? To say that Hannibal has some fire that, while out there, is seemingly tucked from the public eye, kind of like this bit from the third season of The Eric Andre Show, where Eric and Hannibal are trying to understand how ladders were invented.

It's actually a pretty fucking insane concept; when's the last time you pondered the creation of a ladder? It's been around for at least 10,000 years (according to Wikipedia), but when is the last time you sat down to try and track its history?

While people remember the Lauren Conrad episode from season three (yes, the one where Andre vomited then ate it back up, which forced Conrad to leave the show), there's a quick aside where Andre and Buress had to fill time. Without their usual insanity, Buress wanted to know WTF people did before ladders. Instead of picking up their phone to Google some shit, they figured out everything from grabbing a couple of rocks to the wonderful idea from Thomas Ladder.

Pure hilarity that probably sounds like some shit you would come up with after smoking a few bowls with your squad. And while it's kind of nuts, it possibly makes sense.