When a farmer in Turlock, California noticed that more than 3,000 units of high-grade bull semen were missing from the back of his pickup truck, he knew exactly what had happened: notorious bull semen bandits. However, according to the Associated Press, that may not be the case. The thieves also managed to siphon some gas from the victim's truck, leading local authorities to believe the thieves actually had no clue they were making off with an estimated $50,000 in "prized" bull semen.

"The genetics that these bulls have in them is out of the top 1 percent of the world population," the farmer tells CBS Sacramento. "You’re trying to make a living — the loss of all those units of semen, and probably taken by someone who had no idea what they were stealing, is very frustrating." In a small act of poetic justice, the suspects may end up suffering "cryogenic burns" due to the fact that this top-shelf semen is stored in tanks full of liquid nitrogen.

Local authorities are still investigating the incident. At time of publication, these presumably aloof bull semen bandits are currently still at large.