David Cameron has come under scrutiny for his proposal to help teach Muslim women to speak fluent English – whilst at the same time warning that they could face potential deportation if their language skills don’t improve.

The £20 million funded course plans to teach the 190,000 women in England  who are believed to speak little or no English, these lessons will take place in homes, schools and community centres with the government covering travel and childcare costs as extra incentive. However the program to help teach English has already attracted criticism from opposing MPs and the general public, particularly due to the fact that it's common knowledge that the current government has cut funding for English Language courses, as pointed out by Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett.

In an article for The Times the PM wrote:

"We will now say if you don't improve your fluency, that could affect your ability to stay in the UK.

All too often, because of what I would call 'passive tolerance', people subscribe to the flawed idea of separate development.

It is time to change our approach. We will never truly build One Nation unless we are more assertive about our liberal values, more clear about the expectations we place on those who come to live here and build our country together and more creative and generous in the work we do to break down barriers."

 Since then more have come out on Twitter to point out the flaws and generally criticise Cameron’s plan.

None these guys have any chill for the PM

[Via The Independent]