The dangers of sleeping with your iPhone strike again. This time the unfortunate victim is a 9-year-old girl in England. Like the case reported in November the young girl received second degree burns because of her iPhone case, but even worse than the other incident, she is said to be left with an iPhone-shaped scar. 

Karly Retter, mother to Olivia Retter, told the Mirror about the horrible ordeal saying Olivia had disobeyed her and taken her iPhone 5C (in its phone case) one night, falling asleep with it against her leg.

Retter told the Mirror Olivia complained about her leg being hurt that same night. "She woke up in the middle of the night and came into my room and said her leg was hurting—I just thought she was being silly and sent her back to bed," Karly said. Retter realized Olivia wasn't lying in the morning when she saw the burn. According to Retter, doctors said it was a "severe chemical burn." "I can't believe it," Retter said. "She will have a scar in the shape of a phone on her leg."

The culprit? Olivia's phone case that had liquid inside to help move glitter. The liquid had acid that leaked out. Although Olivia's phone case was from New Look, a similar case with glitter and clear liquid (from Forever New) is what led to Erin Nelson's chemical burn.

For the time beware glittery phone cases and don't sleep with your phone.