The Apple rumor mill brings both exciting and headache-inducing possible news about the next iPhone. After the historical 13 million iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus sales in the first weekend of release the pressure is on Apple to beat that number with the iPhone 7. In order to do so Apple will have to offer customers a huge motivation to upgrade (possibly from an iPhone 4S) and from what the rumors are saying Apple might run into trouble considering it reportedly wants to do away with the headphone jack on the iPhone.

Fast Company spoke to a source "with knowledge of the company's plans" reports Mashable. According to the source Apple wants to eliminate the headphone jack to make the iPhone thinner. Apple reportedly plans for users to use the lightning port (where you plug in your charger) for new Lightning-connected headphones that may or may not be included with the iPhone 7. Fast Company writes, 

Being forced to shell out money for an adapter just to use regular ol' headphones may be annoying but it'd possibly cost less than buying fancy new headphones so let's hope that's an option. 

As for the exciting news for iPhone users, Apple is reportedly working on wireless charging and waterproofing for the iPhone 7. There's plenty of time before the iPhone 7 rolls around so expect more rumors.